COMPANY PROFILE is a division of INV Capital & Brokerage. Savage Traders LTD is a seperate division that has a main focus and 4 year experience in trading cryptocurreny assets and investments in small start up blockchain companies. Our main objective has always been to maintain steady and stable growth. Our portfolio and private sector investments has grown at an exceptional rate year after year. When the markets are in red, we profit, when the markets are in green, we profit. Join us for the long term as a stable/passive income addition to your porfolio. is located in London, United Kingdom. Registration number: 12174684

Why Choose Us?'s team is one the fastest growing trading groups with a stable and high profit history. Approx. 60% of our trading is manual while 40% is bot & high frequency trading. During very volatile days of the markets we can have our number of trades in excess of 10,000 trades in any given day. Savage Traders is a division of INV Capital & Brokerage.

We thank you for choosing Savage Traders LTD for your investment needs, together we can prosper for long term passive income. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.